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Ford Simms Minimec injector pump rebuild serv
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Ford Simms Minimec injector pump rebuild serv[Simms-REB]

This is a service purchase. You are buying our rebuilding services for your Simms Minimec style injection pump fitted to most all the Ford tractors, like the one listed in the picture. This is for the early model Ford and must similar to the one pictured above..

How does it work?

Once you contact us, you will recieve an email with a label to send your injection pump into us, frieght prepaid. We will rebuild your injection pump and return it to you. This process generally takes 5-7 business days. This is a full rebuild that includes new feed pump, governor assembly and all gaskets and seals. These are the items that fail the most on these injection pump. All pumps are completely dissassembled and all parts are inspected. Please note: Any additional item that has failed in the injection pump other than items listed will be an additional charge. This is usually not the case, but because we cannot determine whats wrong with your pump without seeing it, so we have to state that in this ad. You can contact us directly and we can discuss the problem with your unit prior to you sending it in.